Seminar in English

How do others perceive me?

Feedback training for your personal development

The impression you make on others determines how you are perceived. If you know the impact of your communication style, your behavioural patterns and your non-verbal signals, you can effectively work on them. Through video-feedback and the feedbacks of others, you will discover how you are perceived in different situations such as dialogues, meetings and presentations. In this training you can optimise your verbal and non-verbal behaviour and learn how to adapt to different situations in order to be more successful.


Self-Perception and the perception of others

How do others perceive me?

What first impression do I make?

What do my body language and voice transmit?

What impact do my communication patterns have?

How am I perceived in different situations?

My personality type

Introduction of the DISC model

Every personality type has a certain impact on others

Balancing self-assessment and external assessment

My favorite behavioral patterns and my characteristics

Understanding what kind of impact and effect I have on other personality types

Tools to work on impression and appearance

How to draw a realistic picture of myself

How can I gain positive resonance when meeting people for the first time?

How to match your verbal and non-verbal behaviour

How to develop authenticity and persuasiveness

Being sensitive for non-verbal signals

Attentive and willful handling of body language and voice

Adjusting to other personality types and situational requirements

Transferring theory into reality

Your personal advancement plan

Online Learning Platform

Once you have registered, you will be able to access your personal learning environment, including extra materials for consolidating what you have learned.


In this seminar, you will

  • receive a constructive feedback of your first impression on others
  • experience what kind of impact your appearance has on others in different situations
  • learn ways to optimise your verbal and non-verbal communication in order to improve your appearance and be more successful and convincing


Trainer input, self-reflection, group activities, role playing, intensive feedback-process (using video), transfer tools, all together a very interactive and experience-based training.

Who should attend

Professionals and managers who want to work on the impression they make on others and become more self-aware and self-confident.

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Training in English
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Seminar in English
Seminar in English
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