Seminar in English

Effective Decision Making

Methods to make and stand by your decisions

In our professional lives, we are continuously confronted with problems that require us to make quick decisions. Otherwise, we lose time, work inefficiently and depend on others. The good news is that the ability to make timely and confident decisions alone or in a team can be learned. In this training you will receive a toolbox full of methods to analyse problems, identify appropriate solutions and make the “right” decision, from every day decisions to complex issues.


The basics of problem-solving and decision-making

Problem-solving and decision-making styles.

Identifying your own style.

How to become an effective problem solver.

Common decision-making traps and how to avoid them.

Using your experience and intuition.

Rational vs. visceral decision making.

Practical advice for quick every day decisions.

Group vs. individual decisions.

Problem Analysis

Breaking down complex issues.

Identifying the symptoms of problems.

Identifying root causes of problems.

Decision Making: Finding a solution

Fishbone analysis.


Creative decision making techniques

Osborn´s List and SCAMPER.

Morphological boxes.

Thinking hats and chairs.

Analytic tools for decision making

Decision Matrix.

Portfolio Matrix.

Checklist technique.

Pair comparison.

Cost benefit analysis.

Analysing the risk of decisions: SWOT analysis.

Dealing with difficulties, doubts and dilemmas

A deeper insight into objectives, values and beliefs.

Tools for solving dilemmas.

The “environmental check”: What are the barriers that can keep you from implementing your decision?


Selecting the best approach for implementation.

How to communicate your decision.

Reviewing the success of a solution.

Online Learning Platform

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In this seminar, you will

  • discover your own strengths and weaknesses in problem-solving,
  • learn to ask relevant questions to reduce complexity,
  • apply a wide range of problem-solving and decision-making tools,
  • develop your own strategy to solve problems and make decisions,
  • identify when and how to use a group for making decisions,
  • learn how to make informed decisions,
  • deal with the psychological side of decision-making,
  • learn how to “sell” your decisions to others.


Trainer input and feedback, case studies, applying tools to your own cases, reflection and exchange of experiences, individual and group exercises.

Who should attend

Professionals, team leaders, project managers and executives who want to make quick decisions and solve problems more effectively.

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Seminar in English
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