Seminar in English

Difficult Conversations with Employees

Constructively speaking about criticism and sensitive topics

Conversations involving criticism, difficult and sensitive topics often generate feelings of unease for all involved parties. That doesn’t have to be the case! If you have these conversations in a clear, non-blaming and goal-oriented manner, they can be the motor for development and improvement. In this training, you will learn how to set up the conditions for the conversation, steer communication with professional tools and reach a positive outcome, even with difficult topics. This is the path to desired results and constructive solutions.


Strategically preparing difficult conversations

Systematic analysis of the situation.

Planning goals, topics, arguments and actions of the conversation.

Anticipation – preparing for difficult situations.

How to deal with not plannable situations.

Your inner composure

Clarifying your own role and goals.

Dealing with emotions – frustration, rejection, fear, etc.

Evaluating the possibilities and boundaries of being open.

Conversational psychology

Factors that affect a conversation and how to steer them.

Dealing with people with different personality types.

Actively leading the conversation

Steering the direction of the conversation.

Clearly and coherently arguing critical points.

Asking purposeful questions at the right times.

Understanding body-language signals.

Flexible conversation tactics – constructive solutions.

Promoting cooperation, understanding and responsibility.

Dealing with difficult conversation partners.

Securing sustainable results.

Intervention in difficult situations

Appropriately dealing with emotional conversation partners.

Confidently responding to provocations and evasion strategies.

Tools for de-escalating a conversation.

Addressing under-the-surface topics.

Correcting incorrect developments.

Dealing with one’s own emotions.

Online Learning Platform

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This training supplies you with the most important know-how in order to conduct conversation about criticism and other difficult topics in a constructive manner.

  • You optimise your own style of leading a conversation and increase your effectiveness through proven conversation techniques.
  • You develop your ability to analyse the situation and thus, you are able to react more flexibly, consciously and goal-oriented in conversations.
  • You practice with realistic difficult conversation and dealing with difficult conversation partners. In doing so you gain confidence to apply these techniques in your work.

Use difficult situations to generate development and improvement!


Well-balanced mixture of theory and practical exercises. Simulations and concrete case examples build expertise. Trainer feedback and group feedback support an effective learning process.

Who should attend

Managers at all levels, Project managers.

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