Seminar in English

Everyday Communication in Business

Effective small talk and networking

Networking and small talk are extremely valuable life skills and important for your success in business. In this one-day training you will learn the necessary key skills to become a more effective networker. Applying lessons learned from this practical workshop will help you grow your influence and promote your business whether through face-to-face networking scenarios or via social media channels like Xing, LinkedIn and Twitter.



Finding solutions for your concerns about networking

How to prepare for events

Preparation using social media networks

Communication Skills

Creating presence and communicating with confidence

Body language, voice, gesture and eye contact

Reading others’ non-verbal cues


Active listening

Guided questioning

Using English to enter, exit groups, and to escape conversations

Transitioning from general conversation to business-focused talk


Converting contacts into referrals

Creating an action plan through self-reflection

Online learning environment

Once you have registered, you will be able to access your personal learning environment, including extra materials for consolidating what you have learned.


You will develop your ability to:

  • Effectively prepare for networking events by deciding your aims and doing research
  • Connect more easily by analysing the effects of your body language and reading others
  • Use key communication skills to build connection more quickly
  • Increase your confidence in networking in English by actively using key language to enter, exit and escape conversations
  • Learn how to transition to business and to arrange follow-ups that are of mutual benefit
  • Learn how to use “follow-up” effectively and change a meeting at an event to a business relationship
  • Help others and ask others to help you to grow business through connections, referrals and offers of help


This is a dynamic, interactive and practical workshop which will be trainer led and participant-driven with role-plays and simulations, open discussions, inputs from the trainer and video, open forum discussions, brainstorming as well as problem-solving activities.

Who should attend

This seminar is designed for anyone who needs to network whether it is at a formal networking event or an informal, impromptu situation such as meeting someone at the gym or at a dinner party.

The workshop is also targeted at professionals who want to build their confidence at networking in English. It will be particularly helpful for business people that network with clients and prospects in an international environment where different cultures may be at play.

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Training in English
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Seminar in English
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Seminar in English
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