Seminar in English

Stress Management: Stay Calm Under Pressure!

Tools to find your balance and develop resilience

Everyday working life can be challenging. How can you cope with this pressure and stay healthy in an environment full of packed agendas and to-do-lists? In this interactive course you will learn how to decrease your stress and increase your well-being in the workplace by learning new strategies and exercises. Finding a good balance will help you to be more motivated, relaxed, efficient and resilient.


What is stress?

Where does it come from?

The physical, psychological and emotional effects of stress.

Finding balance

Discovering your mindset regarding stress.

Examining how you deal with stress and whether your strategies are effective.

Bringing work and life into balance.

Finding your own best practice in dealing with stressful situations.

Techniques to use when you are under pressure at work

Strategies for dealing with stress in high – pressure situations.

How to use well researched, simple coping tools to deal with stress effectively.

Quick regeneration with relaxation techniques.

Using creative methods and techniques to increase resilience.

Developing resilience through mindfulness

The basics of mindfulness.

Using mindfulness to improve self-awareness, enhance self-confidence and optimism.

Practices which can be integrated into your daily routine.

Online Learning Platform

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This interactive course will help you to:

  • Build resilience in times of rapid change.
  • Understand how stress arises and how to manage it.
  • Learn and practice good coping skills.
  • Establish simple techniques for stress reduction.
  • Understand the potential upside of stress and how to use stress for positive outcomes.


The training will include short input sessions outlining research and theory, individual, pair and group work, discussion, emotional regulation practice, attention training, mindfulness practice and relaxation techniques.

Who should attend

This seminar is for those who would like to learn new strategies and practices to cope more effectively with stress, increase their well-being in the workplace and develop more resilience. Anyone who wants to improve his work-life-balance.

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Statements from participants

"Our presenter was excellent, allowing enough discussion, but also keeping on time. The content and structure of the course was very good.”

Dr. Karl Pioch

KWS SAAT SE, Einbeck

"I especially liked the physical exercises as well as the definition and handling of stress. The most important thing I can take away from this course is the knowledge of how I can recover from stress in a short period of time. Excellent trainer!"

Taylan Uenal

Hankook Tire Co., Hannover

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