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For your Success

We offer customised solutions and unique services to support future company development and to continuously expand the competence of specialists and executives. By providing the best possible consultations and individual qualifications, we simplify skill acquisition and facilitate sustainable development. With competence, passion and creativity, we are committed to simplifying the development process for you or your company. Your wishes and expectations remain always at the centre of our actions, making it possible for you to reach your qualification and development goals as easily as possible.

Our core competences

innovation, simplification, empowerment

More than 500 permanent employees are working hard for your success every day.

Our trainers and consultants share their feedback with our product managers directly. In this way, we are well-positioned to realise constant quality improvement, as well as the early identification of customer needs and ultimately, optimal service design. All these factors facilitate your own further development and the further development of your company.


We are optimisers
Our actions are characterised by the need to optimise our offerings, our services and our processes, so that qualifying and developing the necessary competences is as easy as possible for you.

We are innovators
In our endeavour to facilitate your development, we are always looking for unique and relevant products, themes, and ways, with which we can smooth your path to success.

We are mentors
Beginning with your consultation, through to implementation and learning transfer, we support you in concentrating on the essentials so that – your qualification success – comes easily.

„If you want to shape the future successfully, you have to take care of development and keep learning. We want to make that easier for you.“

Our management from left to right: Dr. Jörg Schmidt, Christian Friedrich, Holger Schmenger, Hansjörg Fetzer und Mario Kestler

What is important to us?

Our commitment to quality.

1. Competence for specialists and senior management
Concerning company goals, services for individuals promise an optimal development for specialists and senior managers. Whether related to expert knowledge, soft skills, management or IT know-how, our range of qualifications covers virtually all areas of business operation.

2. Future-oriented organisational design
Solutions for organisations are particularly effective when both personnel and organisational development are optimally coordinated with each other. We support you in developing your structures and competencies.

3. Complete practical orientation
We offer know-how which quickly, sustainably and efficiently translates into daily business operations so that you get maximum return on your investment in qualification and development.

4. Lifelong follow-up and support
Whether a current challenge or a successful business strategy, with our products and services you will achieve your personal and business goals – both today and in the future.

5. Customised qualifications
Further your qualifications in a way that best suits you. At a seminar or in a qualification programme, by means of e-learning or coaching, or perhaps at a conference. Diverse formats are ready and waiting for you.

6. Leading through excellence
Our certificates will give you a competitive edge. Medium-sized companies and all Dax-30 corporations know and trust both our services and the expertise of our trainers, consultants and coaches.

7. Security through transparency
Our new traffic light system graphically displays the availability and reliability of event dates, thus facilitating your registration. Ultimately, more than 98% of our customers are able to attend their preferred seminar.

8. High performance through cooperation
We would like to provide you with the best possible qualification and development service. Therefore, our range of services are supplemented by expert cooperation partners such as Fast Lane.

9. Generating success since 1978
For over 40 years, we have been the partner for individuals and companies as they take the path to further qualification and development. We are among the few providers who are able to offer comprehensive, integrated personal and organisational development from a single source.

10. Passionate commitment
Our employees and partners are experts who utilise their competence and passion daily to develop offerings. This makes it easier for you to do the right thing.

What inspires us?

Making progress easy!

The Haufe Akademie’s own development reflects the growing demand on the skills, competence and know-how of people and companies. For more than 40 years we have been developing, through our products and services, answers to those questions which most concern employees, senior management, and all decision-makers and visionaries in an organisation.

Finding the right way is easy: when you know your goal.

Everything comes easy, when you are doing the right thing. But when every single challenge, every goal, every vision has its own unique context, what is the right thing?

Applied to companies, the right thing means that organisational development is designed in such a way that future successes are possible as well. For the individual employee, whether they are specialists or executives, this means consistently aligning know-how to both personal and entrepreneurial demands. Whether it is related to the company’s future development, or the need for increased specialist and executive competence, our solutions make it easy for you to do the right thing.

What's the success behind continuous learning processes? Learning formats and content made to fit the individual demand. And above all: learning must be fun and enjoyable.

Hansjörg Fetzer, Chief Executive Officer of the Haufe Akademie

The Haufe Akademie is the leading provider of training and development for people and companies in the German-speaking world. Customised solutions, unique services, the highest level of consultancy competence, and individual qualification paths, simplify the acquisition of skills and facilitate lasting, sustained development.

Customised company solutions, an extensive e-learning portfolio, managed training services and consulting services all support HR managers and decision-makers in the shaping of future-oriented organisations. A comprehensive range of seminars, qualification programmes, courses, conferences and congresses makes more competence for specialists and senior management possible.

Last year, the Haufe Akademie conducted 5,400 in-house qualification measures for companies from all sectors, as well as 7,300 seminars in approximately 70 cities around the country. More than 2,300 different business topics were addressed. This year, around 510.300 participants have capitalised on the Haufe Akademie’s experience and competence in further training. The Haufe Akademie has been on the market since 1978 and is a company of the Haufe Group.

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