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Initiate, steer and support your employees' learning processes.

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One LMS for everything

The LMS offers employees a motivating summary of successes and certifications, pre-booked learning units and the opportunity to exchange information in small groups. HR development can create company-specific learning paths and blended learnings with the authoring tool, assign them to employees and keep track of learning progress at all times.

For personnel development

The LMS is a central, digital and appealing educational space for learners in your company.

Focus on results

Develop your employees individually, specifically and therefore in a results-oriented manner. Smart learning management helps you do this.

Learning level control

It is possible to consistently monitor the learning status of employees through a variety of reporting functions for statistics, analyses and reports.


Detailed documentation, which provides legally compliant proof of participation in courses, can be accessed at any time.

For employees

The LMS offers your employees a central and modern learning environment that motivates.


With the LMS, all employees learn flexibly, anytime and anywhere.

Learning level control

With the help of personal learning progress monitoring, employees always have an overview of their individual learning activities.


Downloadable proof of success also serve to motivate learners.

For corporate success

With the LMS, actively shape your corporate culture and encourage learners to identify with your company.

Business goals

Develop continuing education in line with corporate goals and promote business-relevant skills.


Actively promote digital skills with the LMS and remain innovative and competitive

Cost savings

Save time and money through learning independent of time and location and holistic optimization of continuing education processes.

What can you do with the LMS?

The LMS serves as a basis for optimizing and structuring continuing education in your company. The option for content add-ons and other smart features make it the learning platform that's right for you. Our high-quality content can be individually combined and tailored to your needs so that your employees can learn effectively.

Digital learning content

Integrate digital learning content from our content collection with more than 125 courses on business-relevant topics.Content Collection mit mehr als 150 Kursen zu businessrelevanten Themen.

External content

Easily expand your learning offerings with your own or third-party content at any time via SCORM 1.2 LTI interfaces.

Attendance appointments

Manage your own face-to-face seminars in LMS or choose from over 1,500 Haufe Academy trainings, courses and seminars.


Together, we analyze your individual needs: we support and enable you to optimally use our LMS optimally in your company.

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"With the Haufe Akademie LMS, we were able to easily digitize our partner certifications. Optional training courses will also run completely automatically in the future and we can simply send information on product innovations to all partners via the learning platform. This allows our partners to complete their training courses independently. The cockpit allows us to keep track of completed training courses and the access rights of individual partners."

Attila Mekker
Head of Partner Management

"With the Learning Management System by Haufe Akademie, we were able to set up a digitally supported learning environment within a very short time - as a first step, we made the Haufe e-learning portfolio available to our employees. We now use the purchased service contingent to set up internal training courses on company-specific topics, organize internal seminars and so are able to view the complete training history of our employees. With this Learning Management System, we operate a very well accepted company academy."

Markus Burmester
HR manager

“With the Haufe Akademie Content Collection and LMS, we were able to quickly fulfill our need for our own e-learning platform. As soon as it was introduced, many employees were able to get started with the course of their choice at straight away, regardless of time and location, and were very motivated.”

Marilia Lo Bartolo
Human Resources Development, WSW Wuppertaler Stadtwerke GmbH

"With the LMS by Haufe Akademie, we were able to launch a suitable platform in record time. Partner training courses and their certification now run almost automatically. Instead of maintaining lists, I now receive reports automatically and am always up to date. As a positive side effect, we were able to professionalize and further develop our entire training concept."

Florian Schulz
Senior Pre-Sales Consultant

Learning organized for everyone


• Fun while learning
• Flexible learning
• Learning as needed
• Modern and motivational learning

HR & HR Developers

• Future-proof technology
• Learning levels at a glance
• Manage knowledge effectively


• Develop business-relevant skills
• Ensuring sustainability
• Save resources
• Actively shape corporate culture

Works council

• Protect & secure personal data
• Encourage & retain employees


• Always up to date
• Browser-based
• Controllable
• Data security

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