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Combine knowledge and unlock potential. Discover and participate. Find relevant content and experts — or become one yourself. Our LXP connects people and know-how.

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Make existing knowledge available & tangible

What is in a company? LXP not only makes existing know-how visible, but also quickly and easily available. For all employees. Just when you need it. This is how knowledge creates growth.

Find experts in the company — or become one yourself

With LXP, users themselves become an elementary part of the learning process in the company. As contact persons for specific subject areas, they provide their expertise. LXP's intuitive content studio offers the opportunity to share your own learnings in the form of content nuggets — whether self-created or external content. This is how people become visible.
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Unlock potential and develop people

Continuously acquiring knowledge and new skills is essential for companies and their employees. Being able to access innovative, company-specific know-how in a targeted and self-determined manner is a decisive success factor.
That's where our LXP comes to the party!

Comprehensive learning offerings

Unlike any other technology, the LXP enables the development of T-shaped skills, i.e. profound expertise and wide-ranging know-how.

Smart search

The intelligent search function is here to help users to access specific help and solutions for their problems and challenges.

Self-directed learning

Users manage their skills development themselves. In addition to motivating learning paths, they will explore and experience knowledge in their core business and in other fields.

Targeted knowledge development

Help needed? Your employees will find fast solutions at the moment of need – no matter if the challenge is basic and company-specific.

"With their Learning Experience Platform, Haufe Akademie enables learners to more rapidly acquire the skills they need to develop their career. This helps employees build expertise in critical areas and enhances their employability. At the same time organisations are able to reskill and upskill at pace and at scale."

Sven Elbert
Head of Analyst Services, Fosway Group

"The continued investment of Haufe Akademie in their Learning Experience Platform is very aligned to the skills challenges that organisations face. But, Learning Experience is not about software alone. lt is also about the learning itself and the organisational context that surrounds it. Haufe Akademie's client service approach is helping organisations to reshape learning for learners to arrive at significantly better outcomes."

Sven Elbert
Head of Analyst Services, Fosway Group

“I was surprised how quickly the system got up and running and was accepted by our colleagues. ”

Julia Ribler
Human Resources Development, B. Braun Aesculap

“Our employees have given digital learning an opportunity. They now have a platform that enables them to integrate self-directed, needs-oriented and flexible learning into their everyday working lives."

Sascha Weiland
Head of HR Management, Aesculap AG

"The LXP by Haufe Akademie gives us insights into the current learning needs of our colleagues and allows us to invest in the development of our employees in an even more targeted manner."

Dr. Ines Lützen
Vice President HR Germany, B. Braun Aesculap

You will love our LXP if ...


... you want to create an uncomplicated, modern framework to manage existing corporate knowledge and make it available to all employees.


... you want to keep the know-how and experience of your employees in the company, even if they are no longer part of the organization.


... learning is a very important part of your strategy and you appreciate your employees continuously expanding their knowledge and competence.

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