Cristiana Moschini Dubois

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"My main goal is to enable executives to communicate effectively in multicultural teams and to interact appropriately in a variety of cultural business contexts. By accessing the personal needs and abilities of each participant, I am able to facilitate a deeper understanding of one's own personal and corporate cultural values, followed by new awareness for foreign value systems."


Degree in Social and Economical Communication. Intercultural communication consultant, trainer and coach with extensive cross-cultural experience. Lecturer at Business School, Hochschule RheinMain. Additional qualifications: Intercultural trainer. Area of expertise: Intercultural awareness training.


Cross culture communication, cross culture awareness, cross culture change management, cross culture conflict management


  • Eight years experience in the Italian Textile Industry, International Marketing und Sales Area Manager
  • 2001-2014 – Italian Language and Culture Trainer
  • 2011 – present – Cross Culture Communications Consultant, Coach and Trainer
  • 2014 – present – Assistant Lecturer in Cross Culture Communication at the Wiesbaden Business School - Hochschule RheinMain University of Applied Science


  • Degree in Social and Economical Communication from the Universität der Künste, Berlin, Specialisation in Cross Culture Communication, Intercultural Management and Marketing (Diplom Kommunikationswirtin)
  • Certificate in Marketing from the Chamber of Commerce, Berlin
  • DGSL Certified Trainer for in Suggestopedy und Superlearning, Wiesbaden
  • IKUD/DGIT Certified Cross Culture Trainer, Göttingen
  • Advanced Education in Change Management, Organisational Development and Business Coaching. ÖEZPA, Bonn


  • Italian (mother tongue)
  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French


  • Chemical Industry
  • Health Care
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Regional and Local Government
  • Textile Industry
  • Transportation

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