Dr. René Bosewitz

  • Trainer-/Referent-Profil
"Learning the light way. – I take pleasure in working with foreign, professional people and different cultures. I have been doing training and individual coaching for more than 25 years. This has always meant very much to me. I prefer a lively group dynamic as it supports learning. My approach is relaxed but organised."


PhD in Applied Linguistics. Fellow of the College of Teachers (F. Coll. T.) Trainer/Coach für Business/Financial English und Management Skills. Berater für Sprachqualifikationen. Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter eines Spracheninstituts in Heidelberg und England. Fachautor.


Specialist trainer for business and financial English, Communication training for international business, Product, company and self-presentation, English for meetings and negotiations, English for Human Resources, Train the Trainer, Project management in English, Writing course books for areas of business English


  • 1974–1989 Various positions as lecturer including United Nations in Vienna, Christchurch College of Higher Education ,Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg, European Business School
  • Since 1989 Coach for English for special purposes in industry
  • Since 1990 Author of more than 80 language books incl. Business English für Controlling & Finance, Business English für Personaler and Business English für Unternehmer
  • Since 1998 Founder and Managing Director of a language institute in Heidelberg (Combenations GmbH, seminars in English for Finance and Controlling
  • 2001, founder and coach of Needacoach Ltd. in England, homestay intensive training  in business English


  • B. A. (Hons.), Queen’s University, Belfast
  • PhD in Applied Linguistics, University of Columbia Pacific, USA
  • Postgraduate Certificate in English for Special Areas: Management, Commercial, Communication Presentation (C.A.L.T.E.)
  • Fellowship of the Society of Commercial Teachers (F.S.C.T)
  • Membership of the Institute of Translators and Interpreters, (M.I.T.I.)
  • Fellow of The College of Teachers (F.Coll.T.)
  • Fellow of the Society of Business Teachers (F.S.B.T.)


  • English (native language)
  • German


  • Bosewitz, R./Kleinschroth, R. (1996): Manage in English. 4th edition.
  • Bosewitz, R./Kleinschroth, R. (1996): Test Your Management Skills. 4th edition.
  • Bosewitz, R./Kleinschroth, R. (1997): Let’s Go International.
  • Bosewitz, R./Kleinschroth, R. (1999): Master Your Business English.
  • Bosewitz, R./Kleinschroth, R. (2000): Spice Up Your Speeches.
  • Bosewitz, R./Kleinschroth, R. (2003): Small Talk for Big Business.
  • Bosewitz, R./Kleinschroth, R. (2003): Get Through at Meetings.
  • Bosewitz, R./Kleinschroth, R. (2003): Jump into Business English.
  • Bosewitz, A./Bosewitz, R./Wörner, F. (2006): Controlling Fachbegriffe.
  • Bosewitz, A./Bosewitz, R./Wörner, F. (2014) Business English für Controlling & Finance. 2nd edition.
  • Bosewitz, A./Bosewitz, R./Wörner, F. (2014) Business English für Personaler. 2nd edition.
  • Bosewitz, A./Bosewitz, R./Wörner, F. (2010) Business English für Unternehmer.


  • Working across all industries
  • Specialised in middle and top management
  • Focused on the Mittelstand in German, Austrian and Swiss companies