Jillian Anderton

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"My training courses have a definite emphasis on putting theory into practice. This means that after two days participants are really able to apply the things they have learnt in the seminar in their daily work."


M. Sc. in Applied Linguistics (Oxford). Masters of Science research on stress and learning anxiety. Intercultural studies diploma. Twenty years stage experience in Australia and Germany. Trainer and coach. Expertise: rhetoric, persuasion, presentation, body language, stress management, intercultural competence.


Presentation skills, English speaking skills, successful communication, intercultural skills, negotiations


  • 2004 onwards: In-company training in presentation, rhetoric in English, negotiating and intercultural competence
  • 2003 onwards: In-company training in business English
  • 2005 onwards: University lecturer in intercultural competence, gender and diversity management
  • 2014 onwards: University lecturer in business and technical English at the TU Darmstadt


  • MSc in Applied Linguistics, Oxford University
  • BA in Sociology and English, Canterbury University
  • Certificate as intercultural competence trainer, Artop institute, Humbold University


  • English
  • German


  • IT
  • Energy sector
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Logistics
  • Service sector

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