Vladimir Sabo

"Adaptable IT professional and seasoned instructor, bringing clarity to complexity with a quarter-century of diverse technological expertise."


An accomplished IT professional with over 25 years in the field, I combine a developer's deep appreciation for code with an astute systems analyst's perspective. My expertise spans cloud and on-premise environments, and I am a strong proponent of DevOps principles and Infrastructure as Code. In addition to these, my years of experience in software development have helped me tackle complex challenges through fast prototyping and adopting various software design paradigms, delivering tailored software solutions. As a certified instructor for Amazon and Red Hat, I leverage my broad skill set and rich experience to demystify complex topics for students, reflecting my adaptability and commitment to continuous learning. Comfortable in diverse teams and with my ability to adapt to a wide range of situations, I utilize my technical proficiency and effective communication skills to drive successful outcomes in any setting.

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