Information about the reviews

Where do the reviews come from?

All reviews come directly from participants of Haufe Akademie seminars and events. After each seminar or event, participants give written feedback via a feedback form. The customer statements come directly from these feedback forms.


How are the overall ratings determined?

The different criteria (i.e. practical relevance of the content or the expertise of the trainer) is asked on the feedback form and then incorporated in equal proportions to determine the overall rating.


What does „Reviews coming soon“ mean?

For some seminars and events, we have not yet had the possibility to collect enough data to show reviews, for example, for new seminars and events. To give you reliable reviews, the Haufe Akademie only shows reviews when data from at least three participants has been received.


When do the reviews of a seminar become visible?

Feedback forms are sent back to the Haufe Akademie from the event venue and then viewed and processed. Therefore, reviews are cumulated into the ratings approximately two weeks after a seminar or event has taken place.


For any further questions, the Haufe Akademie's customer service department is happy to assist you.