Seminar in English

Convincing Personality, Cooperation and Communication

Strengthen your personal skills

The role of networking, social English and presenting yourself effectively cannot be overestimated in international business today. The need of being a 'relationship manager' within the company as well as to acquire new clients and achieve client retention is the key to your business success. In this seminar, you will strengthen your interpersonal skills and take advantage of your full potential in order to become more successful in your job.


What is interpersonal competence?

Personality types as an explanatory approach

Learn the most common small talk themes

Become aware of socially unacceptable themes, i.e. taboo topics

Presenting yourself effectively through voice and presence

Detect and reflect on personal patterns, potential and weaknesses

Your personal behaviour and communication patterns when dealing with other people

Increase your confidence by building your social English vocabulary

How to use appropriate language for diverse contexts

Understand your counterpart and build trust

Which basic character types exist and which characteristics do they have?

Learning about your listening attitude and style

Building rapport and engagement

Understanding miscommunication

Consciously detect and consider interactions with other people

Examining your personal communication style

Understanding non verbal communication

Speaking with impact

What happens when you encounter other character types in colleagues, clients, etc?

Risks and obstacles to be taken into consideration

Expanding your personal behavioural patterns authentically

Adjusting and optimising your patterns of dealing with colleagues, clients, superiors and staff

Understanding other personalities in order to confidently approach, interact and communicate with them

Dealing with difficult relationships

Designing and navigating conversations and negotiations with clients

Online learning environment

Once you have registered, you will be able to access your personal learning environment, including extra materials for consolidating what you have learned.


You will learn how to

  • improve your competence in successfully creating business relations
  • detect the strengths and weaknesses of your behavioural patterns when dealing with other character types
  • develop confidence in small talk situations
  • change topics smoothly during a conversation
  • develop your confidence in presenting yourself verbally and non-verbally
  • develop your potential to be able to create a conscious and target-oriented relationship with your clients
  • develop a solution-oriented improvement of 'difficult relationships'
  • read body language effectively


The training will include theoretical input, self-reflection, simulations, group work, role-play, discussion, analysis of personality types and feedback on results.

Who should attend

This seminar is for those who would like to strengthen their interpersonal competence through business networking. It is also for anyone who wants to expand his repertoire of alternative actions and enlarge his social English vocabulary.

This seminar is available as part of course:

Lehrgang Geprüfte/r Internationale/r Management-Assistent/in

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Statements from participants

"I liked the flexibility and the mix of theory and practice."

Cornelia Wieduwilt

HAVI Global Solutions Europe GmbH, Duisburg

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Training in English
2 days
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Seminar in English
Seminar in English
Seminar in English
Frankfurt a. M.
Seminar in English
Seminar in English
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