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Data Scientist with Python

Professional machine learning with big data


The goal of the Data Scientist Training from Haufe Akademie and StackFuel is the application-oriented implementation of data models with Python for the prediction of different business scenarios. Unsupervised and supervised machine learning algorithms are implemented and iteratively optimized. Visualization methods and Data Storytelling are also taught in order to be able to take on the role of a Data Scientist after the training.


Module 1: Machine Learning Basics

  • Refresh how to perform data analyses with pandas and matplotlib.
  • Learn how to create your first machine learning models.
  • Performance metrics and assumptions of models of supervised and unsupervised learning with sklearn.

Module 2: Supervised Learning

  • Deepened application of algorithms of supervised learning, such as decision trees and random forests, support vector machines.
  • Understanding the Python module TensorFlow in the context of neural networks.
  • Understanding challenges in the context of machine learning projects and developing models.

Module 3: Advanced Topics in Data Science

  • Understanding the foundations of data storytelling.
  • Model interpretability: model specific and model agnostic methods.
  • Implement best practices in the informative design of visualizations with bokeh.
  • Get to know big data procedures with pyspark.
  • Conduct independent data science projects with an industrial data set.

Personal learning environment

In your online learning environment, you will find the learning units, work support, additional products and access to the Data Lab from the start date on. Every week you will be provided with new materials, which you can work on independently. Throughout the entire training period you will be accompanied online and have the opportunity to exchange information with other course participants and training instructors on the respective learning units.


  • Enable data-based (automated) decisions.
  • Get to know relevant data science projects with the help of knowledge from the subject domain.
  • Make data-based predictions in the domain.


After logging into the learning environment, the online training offers you a mixture of videos, reading material and business scenarios that will sharpen your knowledge. The interactive exercises allow you to work on your own in your learning environment and gain a practical impression of what it means to work with data. During the course, course participants are accompanied throughout the entire period. The online training consists of interactive programming exercises, videos, and interactive knowledge quizzes. Participants work on the content independently and can choose the time and place.


The training is aimed at employees who want to specialize in the field of data science or expand their existing knowledge with data and predictions. The Data Science Training is important for departments that want to automate more data-driven decisions and predictions.

Open Badges - Zeigen Sie, was Sie können.

Nach erfolgreichem Abschluss der Veranstaltung erhalten Sie von uns ein digitales Zertifikat in Form eines Open Badge. Diesen können Sie in Ihrer Lernumgebung downloaden und anschließend über soziale Medien einbinden und teilen. Mit Open Badges zeigen Sie online, über welche Kompetenzen Sie verfügen.

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This training is a on-the-job online training with a workload of approx. 6 hours per week for 18 weeks). The training takes place in the browser, without additional software. The access data will be sent appr. one week before the start of the training.


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