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The Data & AI Online Learning Library

Data is becoming increasingly important in today’s every-day business. It is vital that employees understand the importance that data has on the business success. The Data & AI Literacy Membership from Haufe Akademie and StackFuel is your entry into the world of data. Members receive a fundamental understanding for data, data processing, and data analytics, so that they can communicate professionally with data experts. In addition, they will be enabled to evaluate data analyses and data projects from their subject domain. This one-year membership gives members access to the StackFuel online learning library where the newest data and AI trainings and micro lessons enable members to upskill in data and AI anytime and anywhere. The membership contains inter alia the following basic trainings: - Data Driven Management: Data driven work environment and decision-making - Data Awareness - A new Mindset: An holistic overview of current data technologies


Unlimited access to the learning library

  • Lifelong learning as a part of everyday life. The StackFuel Online Learning Library gives you access to basic trainings in the fields of Data and AI.

Access to exclusive micro lessons

  • Micro lessons are short and concise learning units on topics such as AI, big data, storytelling, or data management to help you understand current buzzwords of the domain.

Consultations with learning coaches

  • Learning coaches support you with your learning process, they advise you in case you have questions, and they help you in developing your learning path for your optimal skill development.

Access to the data community

  • The data community offers you the chance to communicate with other members and link up with data & AI enthusiasts from diverse industries.  

Access to the StackFuel content lab

  • The StackFuel content lab gives you access to practical guidebooks, exclusive insider tips, publications in data science & data analytics trends and webinars. v

Learning environment

In your online learning environment, you will find the learning units, work support, additional products and access to the Data Lab from the start date on. 


  • Overview of current data technologies
  • Professional communication with colleagues
  • Data-based decision-making
  • IncreasingIncreasing data awareness within the organization



The library comprises of a mixture of videos, reading material and interactive quizzes. After logging into the learning environment, all contents will be freely accessible to you. The interactive exercises allow you to work on your own in your learning environment and gain a practical impression of what it means to work with data. Participants work on the content independently and can choose the time and place according to their wishes.


Employees who wish to understand the field of data analytics, conduct first analyses themselves and communicate professionally with experts from the field. Members should have an interest in data, to benefit fully from the membership.

For this membership, no prior experience or programming skills are required.

Open Badges - Show what you can do digitally too.

Open Badges are recognised, digital certificates of participation. These verifiable credentials are the current standard for integration in career networks such as LinkedIn. With them, you digitally demonstrate the competences you possess. After successful completion, you will receive an Open Badge from us.

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Booking number: 34207
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Booking number: 34207
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Booking number: 34207
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Booking number: 34207
€ 290,- excl. VAT
€ 345,10 incl. VAT
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