Seminar in English

Coding with Python

Basics for the automation of day-to-day tasks

Many office work processes can be automated as part of the digitalization process, which not only reduces the employees’ workloads, but also increases productivity. Basic programming language is often sufficient to automate processes in your day-to-day tasks. This compact, 4-week online-training provides you with all the basics you need to start automating your work processes. Python is an easy to learn programming language with an increasing number of open-source packages, so it can be useful for a wide variety of contexts.


Module 1: Data types

  • Representing data as numbers or text in Python
  • Storing data in variables and lists
  • Creating, accessing, and modifying lists
  • Reading error messages and using them productively

Module 2: Manipulating data

  • Conditions (if-else logic)
  • Using standard Python functions such as len () or sum ()
  • Methods for text and list data types, e.g. str.format () or list.append()

Module 3: Flow control

  • Writing for loops and combining them with conditions
  • Writing functions and checking their performance
  • Importing Python modules
  • Importing data as plain text and exporting it again
  • One-hour mini-project using telephone data to apply the skills you have learned

Module 4: Expanding on conceps and final projects

  • Sets
  • List comprehension
  • Complex data structures
  • NumPy Arrays
  • Four-hour final project on automating work processes

Personal learning environment

In your online learning environment, you will find the learning units, work support, additional products and access to the Data Lab from the start date on. You can independently work on the various learning units. Throughout the entire training period you will be accompanied online and have the opportunity to exchange information with other course participants and training instructors on the respective learning units.


This course teaches participants the basics of the programming language Python in a practical way.


After logging into the learning environment, the training offers you a mixture of videos, reading material and business scenarios that will sharpen your knowledge. The online training consists of instructional videos, interviews, articles, and interactive knowledge quizzes. Interactive exercises enable you to work on your own in your learning environment and the DataLab enables you to directly utilize the programming language Python inside the online learning environment.


This course is suitable for anyone whose work is predominantly digital, but who did not study IT or a related subject and who would like to learn the basics of the programming language Python. This course does not require programming experience beforehand, but participants should have an interest in technology.

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  • Customised for your needs
  • On-site or virtual for multiple employees
  • Save time and travelling expenses

Pricing upon request.


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Training in English | Online
4 weeks (8 h/week)
This training is a on-the-job online training with a workload of approx. 8 hours per week for 4 weeks. The training takes place in the browser, without additional software. The access data will be sent approx. one week before the start of the training.


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Seminar in English
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