Seminar in English

Top Presentations: How to convince decision makers

Scoring with concept and structure

Would you like to know how to conduct particularly good and most of all convincing presentations with PowerPoint? Correct presentation of content will get you the decisions you desire. In this hands-on training you’ll learn how to create professional presentation concepts and tailored PowerPoint presentations at decision-maker level. You’ll also benefit from business consultant expertise.


How business consultants present

Addressing the right topics correctly.

Gaining desired decision results.

Marketing your work results correctly.

Focus rather than quantity.

Structured analysis to prepare your presentation

Defining goals and target groups.

Developing the relevant analysis results.

What are the decision options?

Which decision would you like to achieve with your listeners?

Developing the suitable “story” for your presentation

Identifying meaningful core statements.

Developing a convincing argument structure.

Pyramidal thinking.

Designing the charts for your presentation

Developing a storyboard to order the sequence of the charts.

Selecting convincing diagrams.

Establishing and implementing the line of argument: from scribble to PowerPoint chart.

Visualisation for decision-makers

Comprehensible, conclusive and convincing choice of theme.

The importance of matching diagrams.

Basic graphic design rules.

Quantitative and qualitative diagrams.

Creating complicated charts.

PowerPoint: a powerful tool

How to correctly set your PowerPoint interface.

Tips and tricks for successful implementation of your presentations in PowerPoint.

Personal transfer planning

Tailored planning for implementation of the training content in your everyday work.

Online Learning Platform

Once you have registered, you will be able to access your online learning platform, including extra materials for consolidating what you have learned.


  • You know how to create convincing presentations with PowerPoint.
  • You gain valuable know-how on how business consultants present.
  • You learn how to use your presentations to sway decision-making situations to your advantage.
  • You know how to create conclusive lines of argument for your presentations.
  • You’re familiar with the secrets behind effective visualisation in PowerPoint presentations.
  • You’re able to work effectively with the PowerPoint software, even without expert knowledge.
  • You can practise with your own laptop and configure the PowerPoint interface to suit your personal needs.


On the first day you acquire the methods to create conclusive presentation concepts. On the second day you learn how to visualise concept content using PowerPoint. Please bring your own laptop with you if possible.

Who should attend

Subject experts, managers, project managers, project team members and those who would like to convince their listeners with powerful PowerPoint presentations. You should be familiar with the basics of PowerPoint.

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Seminar in English
Seminar in English
Seminar in English
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Seminar in English
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