Seminar in English

Preventing and Solving Conflicts Constructively

Whenever people work together, conflict is bound to occur. And it's a good thing, too, as every one of us is entitled and obliged to make a wholehearted effort with regard to their own opinions and interests. However, conflict is not only a strain on nerves, it also costs money. During times of significant changes, companies need to be able to deal with the tension, the friction and the differences, which arise. Thus, executives and group-leaders and -members require the necessary knowledge and skills when it comes to managing conflict.


Achieving your goals

Making all parts involved aware that conflict can be regarded as a chance

Model of conflict management

Phases of conflict development

Recognizing and assessing conflict

Managing conflict

Resolving conflict constructively

Preventing conflict

How effective conflict management encourages teamwork and achieving its goals

Inspiring your team and colleagues to see the advantages of open and honest communication

Building healthy communicative relationships through trust and competence

Group-dynamic processes

Importance of group-dynamic processes when working with or in teams and groups

Group-dynamic model by Tuckmann (norming, storming, forming, performing) and how to put it into practice in order to avoid conflict

Communicative skills

Strategies of ”active listening” to clarify needs

Non-violent communication (Marshall Rosenberg) with concrete advice on how to adjust your choice of words

Developing ”conversation gambits” (agreeing/disagreeing politely, interrupting, etc) with regard to formality/informality

Giving and receiving feedback

Working in international contexts

”Ethnocentrism” as a source of conflict

Increasing the intercultural competence by developing an awareness for different culturally-based parameters

Online learning environment

Once you have registered, you will be able to access your personal learning environment, including extra materials for consolidating what you have learned.


You will be able to

  • develop your own positive attitude to conflict
  • develop your individual communication style
  • develop an approach to solution-oriented improvements whenever conflict occurs
  • help your team address and overcome conflict and foster relationships within your team
  • develop an empathetic communication style within your team
  • increase the motivation, communication and performance of your team
  • increase cultural awareness and skills required to lead international teams.


This seminar follows a very experience-based and practical approach. Active participation, discussions, individual, pair- and groupwork, interactive exercises, self-reflection, trainer input, worksheets. This seminar requires a lot of participation from the participants.

Who should attend

Group leaders, project owners, executives or team members working with/in international teams that use English as their means of communication. You are interested in getting practical advice on how to resolve conflict effectively.

This seminar is available as part of course:

International Business Skills Programme

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Training in English
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Seminar in English
Seminar in English
Seminar in English
Seminar in English
Seminar in English
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