Holding Professional Job Interviews

Finding the right candidate for the right position

Applicant interviews are successful when they lead to the right decision: "yes" or "no". They aim to verify the candidate`s professional know-how, social skills, strengths and weaknesses, while at the same time inspiring him/her to work for the company and providing a fair selection process. This seminar provides you with the necessary knowledge to conduct interviews with international candidates.


Professional recruiting

  • The beginning of diagnostics: Creating of a requirement profile.
  • Which selection tools are suitable for the hiring process?
  • When do telephone interviews make sense and how do I conduct them?

Preparation of the interview

  • What are the key accomplishments and required skills for the job?
  • Who does what? Important roles and skills before and during the interview.
  • How to sell the company?

Successful questioning techniques

  • Develop targeted questions based on requirement criteria.
  • Use question techniques effectively.
  • The skill to ask and listen, and how this improves the interview.

"Leading" the interview through structure and clarity

  • Phases and course of the interview.
  • Developing and using an interview guide.
  • Conducting the interview and guiding the candidate and other participants.


How do I come to a decision?

  • Importance of assessment errors and how to improve "objectiveness".
  • Assessment sheets and systematic candidate comparison.
  • Moderation of the decision-making in tandem interviews.

Further methods to be integrated in an interview

  • Use scenarios of role playing, case studies and presentations.

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Ihr Nutzen

In this seminar you will

  • gain confidence in interviewing in an international environment.
  • develop questions pertinent to requirement criteria and learn how to interview in a positive and motivational way.
  • learn how to conduct professional and structured interview by using a previously developed interview guide.
  • be able to conduct the interview at eye level with the candidate.
  • learn to interview international candidates who are not fluent in English in "Lingua franca"-mode.
  • improve your conversation skills through exercises and receive immediate feedback.


The training consists of a mixture of input and exercises. You will actively participate in the learning process, thus helping you to avoid pitfalls in real life situations. The methods used will include group work, reflection and interactive exercises such as interviews and feedback.


HR decision makers, recruiters, HR managers, unit managers and professionals who want to chose the right candidate for the job.

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Bewerberinterviews professionell führen

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Dienstag, 31.08.2021
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Frankfurt a. M./Königstein
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Dienstag, 01.02.2022
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