Online negotiations for sales professionals

Successfully conducting virtual negotiations in sales

Negotiations in virtual space are increasing rapidly. When you conduct negotiations with international business partners, you need to be able to achieve your goals in a foreign language. By training strategies and methods of professional negotiation in English, you will be prepared in a very authentic way for your real work situation. There are many similarities but also important differences between virtual and face-to-face as well as German and English language negotiations. This training prepares you to deal with these differences and helps you to achieve your goals.


Live-Online-Training incl. 1 hour individual 1:1 live coaching with your trainer

Basics about international negotiations

  • Considering globally effective rules in negotiations.
  • What makes international negotiations different.
  • How to make the differences work for us and avoid misunderstandings caused by cultural differences.

Successful preparation for international negotiations

  • Preparing online negotiations properly.
  • Realistically assessing the balance of power and increasing your own negotiating power.
  • How to recognize the negotiation type of your negotiating partner(s) and use it in a productive way.

How to conduct virtual negotiations professionally online

  • How to increase your personal impact online and use voice and body language convincingly.
  • How to strategically structure a negotiation meeting and develop plan A, B and C.
  • How to take the lead of the conversation in a sympathetic way, keep it or win it back when needed.

Tough Virtual Negotiations - Knowing the Tricks of the Professional Buyers

  • Dealing with tough negotiation situations and tough negotiators.
  • Using the 5 most quick-witted negotiation methods and countering unfair actions with confidence.
  • Dealing with difficult objections and taking advantage of them.
  • Using effective techniques to confidently close the deal.

Individual 1:1 live coaching with your trainer

  • At no extra cost, you will receive 60 minutes of individual 1:1 live online coaching with your trainer after the training. You will work on your very own negotiation case and discuss your individual issues with the negotiation expert one-on-one. Language during the coaching: English.

Online Learning Platform

Once you have registered, you will be able to access your online learning platform, including extra materials for consolidating what you have learned.


  • Salespeople have to deliver top performances online as well these days. In this virtual live training, you will learn how to successfully conduct international online negotiations in sales and distribution in English and how to confidently achieve your goals.
  • You will gain basic knowledge about international negotiations.
  • You will learn how to become an online negotiation expert and how to conduct online negotiations with international negotiation partners confidentially in English via MS-Teams, Webex, Skype, Zoom or similar online tools.
  • You will precisely assess your counterpart and act in a confident and professional way in virtual negotiation meetings.
  • You save time and costs for travel and accommodation.
  • Incl. 60 minutes of individual 1:1 live online negotiation coaching with your trainer afterwards - at no extra cost.
  • Language in training and coaching: English



Live online training in English! You will receive practical and intensive training on how to meet your customers online at "eye level" and how to negotiate and sell successfully, even though you cannot or do not want to be on site with the customer. Trainer input, practice-tested exercises, discussions. You will receive feedback and concrete behavioral advise that will help you progress plus 60 minutes of individual 1:1 live online coaching after the training - at no extra cost.

Who should attend

Participants of online trainings "Professionell online verkaufen" I, II and III, salespersons in the field, salespersons in the office, sales managers, account managers, key account managers, sales engineers, online salespeople, office staff, customer service staff, customer managers and anyone who wants to learn how to negotiate online successfully in English and how to achieve more profitable sales deals.

Open Badges - Show what you can do digitally too.

Open Badges are recognised, digital certificates of participation. These verifiable credentials are the current standard for integration in career networks such as LinkedIn. With them, you digitally demonstrate the competences you possess. After successful completion, you will receive an Open Badge from us.

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