Seminar in English

Reduce Stress, Increase Energy, Strengthen Focus

How can we meet our tasks at hand with high energy rather than feeling fatigued, frustrated or unmotivated? How can we reduce our stress levels to be more effective in our performance? Taking charge and being in control is essential for our personal effectiveness. The key to quality performance lies in our personal effectiveness and responsibility, in our “self-management”, our ability to make decisions, to keep ourselves fit and to come to work fully engaged for high performance. According to psychologists Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, we perform at our best when we are physically energised, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and aligned with our values. These four areas comprise the quantity, quality, focus and force of our energy.


1. Gain control over your time for greater personal effectiveness!

The Resource of Time

  • The concept of time.
  • Running out of time: the most scarce resource.
  • Creating time on our hands: getting organised.
  • Effective workplace organisation and workflow management.
  • Wasting time: the impact of time wasters.

Principles of Planning

  • Saving time or losing time: the power of habits.
  • Importance vs. urgency.
  • Establishing goals and priorities.
  • Creating an overview with time schedules – month, week, day.
  • Project planning tools.
  • Kerry Gleeson’s 13 principles of work.

Blocks to Taking Charge

  • Dynamics of delegation.
  • Problems with procrastination.
  • Interference of interruptions.
  • Effective meeting management.
  • The 80/20 rule and productive hours.
  • Persistence – final key to your effectiveness.
  • Brian Tracey’s rules

Timeless Management

  • Burnout and its effect on the body.
  • Paradoxes for productivity.
  • Timeless management.
  • Mindfulness and breathing exercises.

2. Managing your Energy and Stress for Focus, Connection and Renewal

Physically Energised

  • Energisers.
  • Energy and cycles.
  • Effects of tension and attitude with energy levels on the job.
  • Energy management: physical, emotional, mental and moral skills.
  • Movement and stretching exercises.
  • Relaxation response and stress reduction exercises.

Emotionally Connected

  • Emotions and empathy: the foundation of connection.
  • Building rapport.
  • Active listening.
  • Constructive feedback.

Building Trust

  • Creating trust and giving support.
  • Trust radius: communicating with internal and external customers.
  • Trust survey.
  • Credibility and believability in communication.
  • Smart trust.
  • Building a high-trust environment.

Mentally Focused and Aligned with your Values

  • Positive assertive communication.
  • Self-coaching and self-talk management.
  • Affirmations for self-confidence.
  • Visualisation for improved performance.
  • Honesty, integrity, passion and commitment to service.
  • Measures of energy in your team.
  • Creating a work/life balance plan.
  • Wrap-up and evaluations.

Online Learning Platform

Once you have registered, you will be able to access your online learning platform, including extra materials for consolidating what you have learned.


  • Learn key time management principles and techniques.
  • Understand the power of habits and poor time management.
  • Increase ability to plan and prioritise more effectively.
  • Manage interruptions and time wasters to become more productive.
  • Discover effective ways to handle the volume of emails and phone calls.
  • Take charge to be in control rather than letting events control you.
  • Watch out for burnout and causes of stress.
  • Practice a variety of relaxation and stress management techniques.
  • Be more credible in your communication.
  • Improve focus through visualisation.
  • Develop a personal effectiveness action plan.



Informative lectures, interactive participation, demonstrations, active discussion, reflective writing, individual, partner and small group exercises, movement activities and games, questionnaires/surveys.

Who should attend

Specialists, managers and all employees who want to remain efficient and relaxed despite high demands

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Seminar in English
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