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Striking the Right Tone: Create Your Successful Corporate Language

Benefits and concept

One company – one voice. How do you ensure that all your company departments speak with just one voice? Different channels have different target groups, so does it make sense for Marketing to sound different to Customer Care? And what does Corporate Language mean anyway? What is it that makes you unique and recognisable? If you succeed in gaining, convincing and retaining customers, meeting their requirements at all times and, at the same time, conveying your own brand values, it will contribute to your company’s success. Nowadays you need more than just a good product to excite and inspire people. What you need is a special communication style to transport your message. That is how you create confidence in your company and its products and services.


Who is the customer? – Defining target groups

Define your own company departments.
Categorise your customers.
Delegate responsibility for customer requirements and expectations.

What is Tone of Voice and why do you need it?

Establish a brand language.
Tune your company voice.
Create a closer connection.
Create brand recognition, convey values and avoid typical mistakes.

Involve all company departments

Focus on the targets of your company departments.
Tune your tone of voice according to their requirements.
Establish a process of approval for written communication.
Enable and educate all employees

Text work

Represent your company in written and spoken language.
Write in a modern, precise and understandable way.
Stay calm, whatever may happen and even if difficulties occur.
Create dialogues on equal terms, talking about customer advantages and underlining customer benefit.
Live the brand language – on the phone, in emails, chats and social media too.
Be humorous?

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You learn how to put customers first, without neglecting your own goals, and how to use language gainfully for your own targets:

You find out how to attend to customer requirements more effectively.

You can develop an effective brand language and know what’s important to consider.

You know what it means to write and talk on equal terms.

You learn how to stay calm and friendly, even if the situation is escalating.

You understand how important it is to admit mistakes and how you could use this to retain customers.

You know that flowery phrases won’t help you in being clear and to the point.

You gain more authenticity for your company and strengthen your brand.

You can use your knowledge in your everyday work immediately.

And on top of this, you have more fun in writing, talking and in communication in general.


Trainer input, presentations, teamwork with various exercises, visualisation of good and bad examples, feedback and tips for improvement, discussion, exchanging experiences


Who should attend

Employees and people managers, especially employees corresponding in an international surrounding by means of editing, chatting or telephone, or employees who have to develop a brand or corporate language.

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