Seminar in English

Virtual Teamwork with Business Partners

Efficient international collaboration

When you are working in international teams – whereby team members are globally spread – specific skills are required to cope with this challenging task. You have to create a team atmosphere and deliver high-quality results despite not having face-to-face contact with your colleagues. To handle the variety of personalities within a team becomes even more complicated when its members come from different countries or cultural backgrounds. In this seminar, you will learn how to deal with these challenging tasks.


Introduction on virtual teams

The paradigm change: Working from the distance

Prerequisites and challenges for a virtual team

Team-assembling and -monitoring

Shared leadership

Roles and responsibilities in virtual teams

New team leader's function in a virtual team

Knowing about leadership styles

Team member's leadership skills and competencies

Toolbox: Virtual team

Preparing yourself for success

Optimizing self-management

Time management over different time zones


Communicating in virtual teams

Appropriate communication forms

Reliable communication culture from the distance

Giving and receiving objective feedback

Successful business meetings

Analyzing of individual and group dynamics

Developing self-awareness

Focus on team building

Achieving success in challenging situations

Handling conflicts constructively

Increasing team's performance

Identification of strengths and weaknesses

Motivational factors of virtual teams

Fostering the network

Building up high-performance teams

Working in culturally diverse teams

Developing intercultural sensitivity

Successful teamwork in international environments

Different thinking patterns and behavioral styles

The challenges of working virtually in intercultural teams

Establishing value orientation in virtual teams

Developing your mission and strategy

Creating win-win situation

Integrating of third parties

Promoting an unique team culture


You will be able to

  • work in a virtual team, while living in different countries and time zones
  • overcome long distances by applying specific communication and time management skills
  • apply ‘shared leadership'
  • take over team leading responsibilities in a virtual team
  • increase the motivation, communication and performance of your team
  • become aware of the importance of cultural difference such as attitudes to time, authority and information
  • help your team members to address and overcome culturally-based differences
  • assess your behavioral styles and thinking patterns in order to prevent conflict
  • provide solutions based on insights and cross-cultural adaptability
  • develop a virtual team culture.


Numerous practice-oriented scenarios of working in a virtual international team facing intercultural business scenarios, combined with personal competence feedback on the results of your group tasks and individual work, team coaching, trainer input, case studies, self-reflection, videos, simulations and role play. Short theoretical background information support the understanding of business situation and avoiding pitfalls.

Who should attend

Anyone preparing to work or to lead as well as is heading or working in a virtual international team.

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