Train Your Resilience - How to Gain More Stability and Flexibility!

How do some people succeed in being flexible and happy inspite of hardships or big challenges? They seem to quickly recover from critical situations and setbacks and even grow and are more confident after. In short: They are resilient. This inner strength shows especially under stressful circumstances. You work in a high demand environment? There is more to endure in other areas of your life? You need resilience in order to stay cool and calm, to make reasonable desicions, to feel empowered and strong, and to re-energize quickly. Resilient people prioritize, validate and use their resources so that time and energy isn’t wasted. Create your own strategy and train your resilience. Best time to start is NOW.


What is Resilience?

  • Scientific background of positive psychology and impact on your personal resilience.
  • Resilience, emotional intelligence, salutogenisis, coping strategies against stress – how are these interlinked?
  • Your self-efficacy in life and at work.

Factors and Key-Elements of Resilience

  • The seven keys to resilience: from emotion regulation to goal-setting.
  • Methods and exercises: from mindfulness to constructive ratio.
  • Step by step to more resilience – a training programme.
  • Tackling game changers by observing from different points of view.
  • Interdependence of body-mind-actions.
  • Awareness of constructive and destructive thinking patterns.
  • Leading yourself to more empowerment and abundant resources.
  • Set your goals out of your comfort zone.
  • Draw your personal training programme.

Resilience Coaching

  • Analysis of your personal resilience status.
  • Resilience kit for everyday life.
  • Evaluation of patterns, attitude and interpretations.
  • Mindfulness techniques and benefits.
  • Recognition of open options.
  • Commitment to concrete resolutions.

Reflection and Transfer via Individually Experienced Examples

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Ihr Nutzen

  • You get to know the 7 pillars of resilience.
  • Your sharpened self-awareness, tolerance and acceptance gives you calmness.
  • You strengthen your resilience and your resources via your personal training programme.
  • Storms and turbulences don’t affect you that much.
  • You are aware of and use a bigger scope of actions and possibilities.
  • You watch out for yourself and set realistic goals.


Trainer input, story telling, metaphores, quotation of reknown authors and scientists, single work, team work, training exercises, case studies, peer consulting, live-coaching, moderated discussions, didactics.

This training format is supported by a learning transfer app for smartphones. This app helps and motivates you to sustain your goals during everyday life in order to boost your resilience. A daily reminder helps you to pull through – untill your new habit is safely established. Easy!


All leaders and employees who want to boost their personal resilience in a high demand, constantly changing and agile environment.

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